Accessibility Options PC and Switch™ versions

In Embracelet, you can adjust the cursor speed and the ring overlap to make the game easier to control. You can also highlight important objects.

Text is usually displayed forever, so you can read it in your own tempo. Press A/Left Mouse button/Enter/Right Control to close text.

In the OPTIONS menu, you can move the Cursor Speed slider to make the cursor move faster or slower when moving the mouse or analog stick.

If you find it difficult to accurately hit the bracelet rings when they overlap, you can adjust the Ring Overlap setting. Moving the slider to the right makes the rings move slower and also the hit zone bigger.

On PC, you can choose between gamepad and mouse/keyboard settings in the OPTIONS menu. If you have an alternative controller that can remap its controls to keyboard keys, these are the keyboard controls in Embracelet:

WASD or Cursor keys: Move player, highlight answer
Enter or Right Control: Select
H: Highlight objects
SPACE/Left Shift: Hold to run
Left mouse button: Interact
Right mouse button: Use bracelet

You should also be able to remap the buttons inside Steam by going to Settings – Controller Settings. The list of used buttons can be found here.

iOS accessibility

In the settings menu you can control the speed and overlap to make hitting the rings easier. As for text, it is the same for the iOS version: Text is usually displayed forever until the user taps the screen to continue.