Embracelet is a third person puzzle adventure for Nintendo Switch™, iOS and PC (Steam). Here you’ll find information on how to play the game, what kind of controls that are supported and a list of frequently asked questions.

How to play

Embracelet is a puzzle adventure where you directly control Jesper. You can examine things and talk to people you meet. When you are wearing the magical bracelet, you can sometimes use it on things around you to solve puzzles and advance the story.

When talking to people, you will sometimes make choices on how to react or behave. While you can’t make any wrong choices or fail in the game, your choices might affect how people behave towards you and how the story progresses.

Controls for iOS

On iOS devices, you have an on-screen joystick that controls Jesper. Move the stick in the direction you want Jesper to move. If you move the stick further away from the center, Jesper will run.
To look at things or talk to people, tap with your finger. An eye symbol means you can interact with someone or something, and if a symbol with two rings appear it means you can use the bracelet.

There is a pause button in the upper right corner you can tap to enter the pause menu. Here you get a to-do list, sound volume controls, help and can set the speed of the bracelet rings.

Controls for Switch

On Nintendo Switch™, you can play with either the Joy-Con™ controllers attached to the screen, separately, or with a Nintendo Pro Controller.

Move player: Left analog stick
Move Cursor: Right analog stick
Look/Talk/Interact: A button
Use bracelet (press when the circles overlap): B button
Run: Hold ZR button while moving
Look for objects: X button
Menu: + button

Controls for PC

On PC, the game is best played with a controller. It has been tested with Sony Dualshock 4™, Xbox One controller, Nintendo Pro controller™ and generic USB gamepads with analog sticks, facepad buttons and triggers.
The game is also playable with keyboard and mouse, but note that it’s not as easy to control precise movement with the keyboard. If you choose to play with keyboard/mouse controls, go to OPTIONS and click Controls until keyboard/mouse is displayed.

Move player: Left analog stick
Move Cursor: Right analog stick
Look/Talk/Interact: A button (rightmost button)
Use bracelet (press when the circles overlap): B button (bottom button)
Run: Hold RT button while moving (Left or right trigger button)
Look for objects: X button (top button)
Menu: Options/Menu button (usually a small button above the right analog stick)
Select response: Up/down with Left analog stick or Dpad and select with A button.

Move player: WASD keys
Move Cursor: Mouse
Look/Talk/Interact: Left button
Use bracelet (press when the circles overlap): Right button
Run: Hold SHIFT or SPACE while moving
Look for objects: H key
Menu: ESC key
Select response: Either click on button with mouse or use W and S key to move between options, ENTER to choose.

PC Requirements

Embracelet needs around 1GB of free space on your Windows 10 computer, and at least 4GB of ram. A dedicated graphics card is strongly recommended, and an i3 or better processer is needed. With 8GB of ram, a decent processor and a separate graphics processor you should have a smooth experience.

The game automatically starts in full screen at 1920×1080 resolution, and tries to play with a framerate of up to 60fps. You can change the resolution and screen mode in OPTIONS inside the game. Please adjust this to reflect on your PC’s power to make sure the game runs smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

I keep missing the rings when I use the bracelet!

In OPTIONS you can increase the ring overlap setting. Higher is easier. Note – if you’re playing on a TV or monitor with high input lag it might be hard to hit exactly when the rings match. Try setting your TV to Game Mode, or try to hit the bracelet button a little earlier to see if that helps.
On PC, you can lower the resolution if the framerate isn’t smooth.

Is my gamepad supported?

Embracelet controls are coded with Rewired, which should support a wide range of controllers. It should work with a branded, modern controller with analog sticks, buttons and triggers – but as a solo developer I can’t support all kinds of external input devices.
If your controller is not supported, look into remapping software that can convert USB inputs to keyboard inputs (like JoyToKey or Xbox360CE).

How do I save my game?

Embracelet saves your progress automatically when you make progress. A rotating symbol in the bottom right corner tells you it is saving, and in the menu you can see a screenshot and time/date when the last save was made.

I have a problem with the game and need technical support.

The first place to look would be in the Steam community, maybe someone has already found a solution or workaround for you there. Also, it helps other people to put your questions there for others to help or get help.

You can also contact me on facebook.com/machineboyCom or e-mail support (at) machineboy.com.

The game is in a language I don’t speak, wut?

In OPTIONS you can press the LANGUAGE button to cycle through the languages available.

I liked the game and want to play more like this.

What a coincidence! My previous game, Milkmaid of the Milky Way is also out 🙂
You can also leave a review or tell your friends about the game, it helps considerably.