I super happy that Embracelet has gotten so many great reviews. Here’s a list of some of them so far.

Gamer.no 8/10
“A beautiful, funny and believeable adventure”

nTower.de 9/10
-“a clear recommendation to buy.

Buried Treasure/John Walker
-“If I were a doctor, I’d be prescribing this game to people right now. It’s a tonic, an injection of joy.

Nintendo World Report 9/10
-“Embracelet is in every way beautiful.

Daily Nintendo 7.6
-“Embracelet has made a big impression on me

Monkeybit.it 8/10
-“A fabulous narrative experience.”

NRK 4/6
-“Embracelet is a small game with a big, beautiful heart.”

Switchaboo 72%
-“Embracelet is a beautiful coming of age story about the importance of learning from the past.

Screen Rant 4/5
-“a beautifully designed and inclusive coming of age story”

Keen Gamer 8/10
-“Embracelet is a fantastic and emotive coming of age story set in a land steeped with history.”

Adventure Gamers 4.5/5
-“Embracelet is something of a masterpiece, doing so much and doing it seemingly effortlessly.”

Nindie Nexus
-“dares to bring up some sensitive themes like sexuality, poverty, and death, integrating them cleverly and subtly.

Rapid Reviews UK 4/5
-“With a truly unique experience and a gripping, magical tale, this is one to add to your wishlist.

Two Beard Gaming 8.5/10
-“Embracelet is a short, sweet and wholesome experience.

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