Video Tutorial: Turn a photo into 3D!

In DeepSketch 1.4 on the iPad, you have an option to import a photo from your library into the 2D Layer. From here you can set the transparency and then trace the image on the 3D Layer. By adjusting the depth to account for what parts should be in front of the other, you trace the photo and the result is a hand-drawn 3D version. Cool!

1. Tap the Action button in the top toolbar.
2. Tap Import Photo.
3. Select the image you want to use as a guide.
4. Tap the Layer Settings button and adjust the opacity of the photo. This makes it easier to see your 3D lines.
5. Select the 3D Layer (tap the 3D button or inside the thumbnail in the Layers window) and don your 3D glasses.
6. I find it easiest to choose a part of the photo where the depth should be at 0 and start tracing here. This serves as a starting point for the drawing.
7. Carefully alter the depth slider to draw the other parts of the picture that are closer and farther away as you go along. Pay attention to the Depth Slider value, then you know what values you’re using and can go back and forth between different depths.
8. Save your image from time to time if you are uncertain how things are going, it’s quick and easy to go back to a different version if you screw up.
9. When finished, hide the 2D Layer and view your hand-drawn masterpiece!

Don’t forget to upload your images to the Flickr Group Pool!

DeepSketch 1.4 is out!

I’ve been working hard on adding even more features to DeepSketch, and tonight version 1.4 was submitted to the Apple Review Team. Hopefully it won’t be long until you’ll find the update on the App Store. and now the new version is live on the App Store!

Here are the upcoming new additions:

Zoom and Pan! Use two fingers to zoom and pan around the canvas. Great for detail work, especially when tracing photos or sketches!

Tapered brush ends! Now both the start and end of the brush strokes can have tapered edges, making them look more like ink strokes or a pressure sensitive line!

Twitter integration! Show the world your awesome 3D finger art, tweet your image directly from DeepSketch!

Save and Save New files: Choose if you want to overwrite or if you want to save a new version of your image.

New Help/Info window with relevant information (image saved, zoom level etc).

A new, hot splash screen and a new icon!

– Some bug fixes relating to layer management, visibility and undo.

If you have bought DeepSketch the upgrade is of course free. I’d be really happy if you’d like to submit a rating or a review to the App Store. Get the word out there, tell your friends! If you know somebody who should have a copy of DeepSketch for review, let me know at

Major update for DeepSketch coming soon!

I have been spending a lot of time inside the top-secret nerd-tent lately, plugging away on a major update to DeepSketch – the 3D sketchbook for iPad. Version 1.3 is done, with only bug fixing and testing left before the upgrade will be sent to Apple.

Here are in brief what is new in the upcoming version:

– Layers: Sketch out a pencil drawing on a separate layer before you trace it in 3D on the 3D Layer! You can even import photos or pictures to the 2D Layer and use it as a reference when painting in 3D. Supports opacity, quick show/hide and delete layers – makes it a lot easier to make cool stuff!
– Great new Gallery/Image browser
– Export your images to iTunes, Photo Library or e-mail your artwork straight from DeepSketch
– Visual depth preview: Drag the Depth Slider and get immediate depth feedback in a window. Makes placing brush strokes much easier!
– Lots of small enhancements, including built in help in all panels

Get DeepSketch now for your iPad, it’s only $1.99 from iTunes. The update will be released January.