The Mouth Harp

v1.1 is out: Retina graphics, clean sample mode for playing into your mouth, 3 great looking color themes!

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Want an easy to play, fun instrument right on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad? Get The Mouth Harp, a wonderfully easy and great instrument that anyone at any age can play and enjoy!

The Mouth Harp is an old, traditional rhythm instrument that can be found in most parts of the world. It goes by many names – jew’s harp, jaw harp, mouth harp, munnharpe, guimbarde, ozark harp, juice harp or trump. It is thought to be one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. Read more about this fascinating instruments on wikipedia.

The Mouth Harp for the iPhone gives you this musical instrument to keep with you at all times. It’s a must for any musician or person who is interested in playing and creating music on their portable device!


  • – Easy to play mechanics – anyone can play The Mouth Harp! Just swipe your finger across the screen!
  • – Professionally multi-sampled instrument
  • – Tilt device to change harmonics/overtones
  • – Animated, visual feedback
  • – Tune the instrument freely from super low to high-pitch
  • – Jam with included ethnic, techno, congas and funky rhythms
  • – Saves your tuning settings automatically
  • – Works on all iPhones (with 3.1 or higher), iPod touch and iPad.
  • – Super cheap, only 99 cents!


Get The Mouth Harp for only $0.99 here!


What hardware is supported?
The Mouth Harp has been tested on iPhone (1st gen), iPhone3G, iPhone4 and iPad. It is compatible with OS 3.1 and later. It should work with iPod touch as well, you might need to use earphones to get sound.

What are good playing techniques?
Swipe your finger across the screen. When you release, the sound is played. The volume is dependant on the length of your flick. When you tilt the device, you can hear the overtones change. Tilt it left to get higher pitched harmonics and right for deeper sounds.
When you touch the screen the sound is silenced. This is used in real life to create rhythms and stacatto, short tones.

How does holding the device to your mouth work?
When you hold your mouth next to the speaker, the sound resonates inside your mouth cavity. Try moving and shaping your throat while playing the instrument. You can hear the sound changing when you close up your throat, breathe and make different vowel shapes (oohs, aaahs, iiiihs) with your mouth.
Set the instrument to Flat Mode when controlling the sound with your mouth for better control!

The instrument stutters/lags a bit after loading?
On older devices it takes a while for all the audio channels to be set up. The app contains a multitude of samples, requiring the device to set up everything to work smoothly. If you experience this, just wait a couple of seconds and it should be smooth sailing when everything is loaded.

The sound of the harp is strange/deep/too high?
You can adjust the pitch in the settings menu. Just tap the little information icon in the left corner and use the slider to set the pitch to your liking.

I have another question.
Please contact support(at) with any enqueries.

The Mouth Harp is © Mattis Folkestad 2010. All samples and artwork is original and copyrighted. The Mouth Harp is powered by Cocos2D, a great framework for iPhone development. Thanks to Bernhard Folkestad for expertise and for providing the jew harps!

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