Flap Flap

Flap Flap is an addictive, fun flying game that anyone can play and enjoy. It combines simple, elegant controls with beautiful, bright visuals giving you a fun ride that you’d want to play over and over. How far will you flap?

NEW! CLOUD JUMP! New game mode, a completely different game experience! Jump on clouds, link together bounces to unleash an awesome electroboost that sends you screaming across the skies! Two games for the price of one!

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* High resolution, beautiful hand-drawn Retina graphics!
* Fun and easy to pick up and play!
* 5 different worlds to conquer in Migration Mode
* Endless, everchanging worlds in Cloud Jump – never the same game two times in a row!
* Match colours for awesome Power-ups!
* A whole bunch of Game Center Achievements to earn!
* Online leaderboards, can you beat your friends or the world?
* Share your score on Facebook!
* Original music tracks
* And of course Flappie, the adorable bird!

Flap Flap supports Game Center, compare your score via online leaderboards and track your achievements.



Really nice casual game. Gameplay is similar to Touch Fly and Super Turbo Action Pig, but what sets this apart is the more realistic inertia and movement. The game does a nice job of making you feel like you actually are controlling a bird. Also, you don’t get “lives” but instead a continually depleting life bar which can be replenished by collecting rings. Various coloured rings also activate power-ups when you collect three in a row. Smooth, challenging, addictive and fun to play. -Gabrien, toucharcade.com forum user

An enjoyable game for people like me who likes simple games with a positive vibe. -Christian Bengtsson, feber.se

Great app! – ★★★★★
by Haakon Bakker
This app is one of the greatest apps that i have on my iPod, its fun and addictive, so go ahead and buy it right now!!

GREAT !!!!! – ★★★★★
by Marcio Arruda – Version 1.0 – 09 February 2011
GREAT concept game with simple control (just TAP TO FLAP), GREAT graphics and sounds. Very addictive, fun and challenging game (with Game Center support – 2 Leaderboards and 18 Achievements). I like it.

FUN FUN FUN! ★★★★★
by Xzhat – Version 1.0 – 10 February 2011
Totally worth the money!

FlapFlap is one of those games that appears to be extraordinarily simple. However, for some reason, it also ends up being addictive! FlapFlap is based on a basic concept: move the phone up and down to control your bird and collect floating rings as you fly through different obstacles. Perhaps it’s the ease of operation, combined with the motor skills challenge of keeping the bird in flight that makes this game so entertaining. -Best New Kids Apps

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