Duration is a beautiful, visual timer that counts down your minutes and seconds in a bright, highly visible way.

Now updated for iOS7!

Perfect for timing your workout intervals, kid’s activities, brushing teeth, cooking an egg, playing turn-based games or a good old-fashioned time-out.

NEW! Now with background countdown, use other apps while Duration counts down in the background!

Duration is available on the App Store for $0.99. Get it now!



– Set the time in minutes and seconds (The built-in timer from Apple only does hours and minutes)
– Large, easy to read graphics and numbers tell the time with a quick glance – you don’t need to know how to tell time!
– Background operation – Duration will count down when you use other apps or set your iPhone to sleep, and alert you when time is up!
– Start/Continue/Restart
– Tick tock sound (optional) with more stress the last 10 seconds – add some tension to your timer!
– Remembers your last timer settings
– 8 beautiful, crisp color themes
– 5 different sound alarms (optional)
– Optional Vibration alert
– Flashing orb and flowing sparks tell you the time is up!

Duration is available on the App Store for $0.99. Get it now!

Duration works on devices running iOS 5, and is designed for iPhone and iPod touch and costs $0.99.

Read the FAQ for more information

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