A revolutionary sketchbook that adds depth to your drawings – literally!

DeepSketch enables you to create magical drawings that pop out of your iPad’s screen.

Touch sensitive drawing

A sketchbook in 3D

Latest version (1.65) out now with even more great features!

– Supports the pressure sensitive stylus Pogo Connect!
Adonit Jot Touch bluetooth stylus support: Control line thickness and depth with pressure!
– Control Undo/Redo and Depth with hardware buttons!
– Zoom and Pan around your canvas with two fingers!
– Layer support, Sketch in 2D, trace in 3D! Import photos and use them as guides!
– New Image Gallery, manage your art within DeepSketch!
– Brush Depth Preview – know the depth and width of your stroke before you paint!
– Export your art easily by e-mail, iTunes, Photo Library or Twitter!
– 60% more undo levels!

DeepSketch features an easy to use interface. Draw “in” and “out” of the screen to create amazing and awesome, stereoscopic art that truly stands out! With a pair of affordable 3D glasses you can control the depth of your brush strokes. If you’re looking for a unique way to express yourself, DeepSketch is right up your alley!

Deepsketch adds a new tool in the arsenal for digital artists on the go, or anyone simply wanting to see their doodles magically transcend the screen.


Check out more 3D art created with DeepSketch in the Flickr Group Pool


✓ Depth control – sketch in 3D!
✓ Layers: Sketch out your drawing on a separate 2D pencil layer before tracing in 3D. Full Opacity/Hide/Show/Delete control – and layers are saved with all settings intact!
✓ Zoom and pan around the canvas with smooth, intuitive gestures!
Adonit Jot Touch bluetooth stylus support: Control line thickness and depth with pressure!
✓ Control Undo/Redo and Depth with the hardware buttons on the Jot Touch!
✓ New, great gallery to manage your DeepSketches!
✓ Auto brush size, varying with depth
✓ Manual brush sizes with optional taper
✓ Depth Preview Window: See the depth and thickness of your brush before you start painting!
✓ Auto-Depth: Draw from near-to-far or far-to near
✓ Multiple Undo/Redo – 60% more in version 1.5
✓ Gesture-based user interface
✓ Eraser tool with depth setting
✓ Import your old illustrations or photos to the 2D Layer and trace them in 3D!
✓ Save and Load high-quality, layered versions to your Gallery
✓ Export PNGs through iTunes or Photo Library, or e-mail your art directly from DeepSketch!
✓ Show the world your artwork on Twitter!
✓ Support for all common colored (anaglyph) 3D glasses (red/cyan, red/green, red/blue, magenta/green and reverse)
✓ Landscape and Portrait aspect painting modes
✓ Built in help explaining all features, and also helpful hints in all panels
✓ Settings saved automatically
✓ Paint in fullscreen

DeepSketch in the media

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More info

Download the manual in PDF format
DeepSketch FAQ
Flickr Group Pool – show the world your DeepSketches!
Video Tutorial: Turn a photo into 3D

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