DeepSketch 1.6 coming soon!

DeepSketch 1.6 update has been submitted to the App Store! If the Apple quality control sentinels are having a good day, the update will be out pretty soon.

This update features support for the wonderful Jot Touch pressure-sensitive bluetooth stylus! DeepSketch will be one of the first apps that supports this great stylus that is soon to be released.

By applying natural pressure when drawing, you can control the thickness of your lines easily. You also have buttons on the Jot Touch that responds to undo/redo and depth + and – for faster and more streamlined sketching!

1.6 also has a feature that lets you control depth by applying pressure with the stylus. By drawing harder, your lines will go deeper into the screen. Pretty amazing, weird and fun!

The update also includes some small bug fixes and direct link to video tutorial, online help/FAQ and troubleshooting.

The price will still be $2.99. Not bad, methinks!

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