Duration F.A.Q

Duration is your everyday countdown timer. Clean, elegant and easy to use – down to the second. Time your workout sessions, when boiling an egg, limiting your kid’s time in front of the computer or create a faster game of charades or chess! With a quick glance you instantly see how much time is left, and contrary to Apple’s own timer, Duration can count down in seconds as well as minutes.

How can I change the colors of Duration?

Simply press the little ‘i’ icon in the upper right corner and the Settings flip over. Tap the theme button and select one of the themes you like. Press Done to return to the timer.

How can I change the alarm sound, and can I turn it off?

In the Settings menu (tap the ‘i’ icon), tap Sound and choose a sound of your liking. You can also turn off the sound if you want a silent countdown. Just flip the Sound switch to OFF.

I can’t hear a sound, even if sound is enabled. Why?

Remember to unmute your device and turn up the volume. On some devices without an internal speaker, no alarm sound can be heard. The same goes for vibration.

What’s the longest countdown possible with Duration?

You can set the timer to 59 minutes and 59 seconds, giving you 1 hour max countdown time. If you need longer countdowns you should use the calendar instead.

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6 thoughts on “Duration F.A.Q

  1. One of the primary users of Duration would be parents who are setting a countdown timer for their children for a specific purpose, such as finish this task (eat dinner) within 15 minutes in order to have dessert, etc. For this use, as a countdown timer, it would be better to have the clock face start fully “on” – colored, and then have a small black slice get increasing larger in the counter clockwise direction. This is exactly opposite of how you set it up as a “count up” timer where the colored pizza slice gets larger and larger in the clockwise direction. Can you create a setting to reverse or flip the display horizontally and invert the colors, so you start with a “full pie” and the pie slice decreases in size until it vanishes to nothing? It would be more intuitive for counting down.

    1. Thanks for your comment. It is a good idea to be able to choose reversable colours. You can already choose different colour schemes, maybe it would be possible to add another scheme that matches your preference. Again, thanks for purchasing Duration and for commenting – and sorry for the late reply.

      1. UPDATE: I submitted an update for Duration today, which includes an inverted color theme as you suggested. The pie starts yellow and gradually turns black.
        I’ve also added full support for the new iPhone 5 screen resolution. Out as soon as Apple approves it!

  2. Will you be developing an iPad version that is designed for the large format? I prefer not to use the 2x enlargement of the iPhone app.

  3. Didn’t you have an iPad version of Duration too? I seem to remember having it on my screen, not just as a 2x iPod version. It is beautiful and would be useful for iPad too, e.g. for signalling to speakers on a podium.

    1. Thanks for your comments. I will look into an iPad version, but it would need a complete graphic overhaul to support the new retina resolution. In the meantime I hope running Duration in 2X mode is a decent solution.

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