DeepSketch 1.5 is out!

Another sweet update to DeepSketch has approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store! DeepSketch 1.5 has these tear-inducing enhancements:

– 60 % more undo levels!
– Better eraser with depth control and a brush preview/outline, makes it easier to see what you are erasing.
– Offset drawing: Choose to have your finger on the left or right line, or keep it between the two lines. Perfect for working with smaller details zoomed in. If you close one eye it’s like drawing on a flat surface!
– Stepped Depth Slider buttons: Increase and Decrease depth by 1 for more control!
– Shortcuts to the online gallery, tutorial video and online FAQ.
– Better Depth Preview window – now shows both brush size and depth (and brush size when drawing in 2D)

Bug fix: Undoing eraser actions now work as they should.
Dismissing New Image panel no longer clears the canvas.

Get the update here!

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