While we are waiting for review…

The 1.3 update is at the moment somewhere in Apple’s big pile of review files, so I’ve been spending time working out two new exiting features for DeepSketch.

One is Zoom.

Yeah! I’ve managed to add a really nice, smooth and natural zoom function to the canvas. It’s much easier to paint precise strokes and work on small details when zoomed in. The only caveat is that zooming also moves everything really close to your face, so it takes some time getting used to working right under your nose.

The other is Tapered Brush Ends.

Oh lord! DeepSketch already had tapered brush starts, which makes lines more ink-like and flowy. But generating tapered end strokes is really difficult on a device with no pressure sensitivity. I ended up calculating a future touch point based on your finger’s speed, and then rendering a polygon with taper in that direction. So when you draw quickly and flick your finger, you get nice ink-pen lines – both in 3D and 2D! It looks really good, and I’m pretty proud of the accomplishment.

These (and other top secret) features are now in beta stage, and will be included in the next version of DeepSketch.

Here is a picture I made today. I took a photo of my great-grandfather Bernhard Folkestad’s wood etching “Children playing in Siam” which I have on my wall. I imported the photo to the Sketch layer and slowly traced the whole thing in 3D. Like it?

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