DeepSketch 1.3 FAQ

What kind of 3D glasses work with DeepSketch?

DeepSketch supports colored anaglyph glasses with either red/cyan, red/green, red/blue or magenta/green lenses. Right and Left eye can be flipped in the 3D and Brush Settings inside DeepSketch. Red/Cyan is the most commonly available 3D glasses and is more or less the standard way to enjoy anaglyph stereoscopic images.

Where can I buy glasses for DeepSketch?
You can buy them very cheaply from places like eBay and Amazon, and a host of other online stores (I’m not affiliated with anyone). I recommend getting some sporty models with plastic frames instead of the cheap paper ones, as they are more comfortable on your nose and the lenses are closer to your eyes. And they make you look like you live in the Matrix. Usually they are less than U$2, shipped to your home anywhere you live. Buy a couple so your friends and family can see your artwork as well.

What glasses do NOT work with DeepSketch?

Polarized glasses, typically used in cinemas for watching 3D movies do not work. Active 3D glasses used for 3D TV’s do not work. You need the old-school colored glasses.

How does DeepSketch work?

When drawing, two different colored lines appear. Using colored lenses (glasses), each eye block out one of the lines. The distance between the lines create an illusion of depth. You control the distance of the lines with the depth slider in DeepSketch. Also some unicorn magic is involved. Wikipedia has an article about Anaglyph images.

Sometimes the 3D effect weird/non-existant and there is a red arrow symbol in the corner, what’s up?

You’re holding it wrong. Seriously, you’re probably looking at a portrait (upright) picture and your iPad is held in landscape mode, or the other way around. The 3D effect doesn’t work unless the two colored lines are horizontally parallel to each other. You have to decide which way you are going to draw your picture before you begin, hence the “New Landscape” and “New Portrait” buttons on the New Document screen.

Can I import my 3D drawings to Photoshop or other software?

Yes, you choose the Export to iTunes option in the Action menu. When you hook up your iPad to iTunes and go to your apps, you will find your exported documents when you click on DeepSketch. From here you can save your files to your local computer. You can also send your image as an e-mail attachment in PNG format.

How many levels of undo/redo does DeepSketch support?

In the current version, you can undo/redo up to 4 steps on the original iPad. Undo/Redo is very memory consuming in a drawing app. In future versions this might be upgraded, but with possible speed implications.
You can also use the Save Image feature as a kind of Undo. Save often, it’s fast and makes it easy to go back and try different approaches. DeepSketch saves and loads images very quickly even on the original iPad, so it’s recommended to save multiple versions of your work if you’re doing something awesome. Note that you will NEVER save over your old file. You can delete old or unwanted versions in the Gallery (Tap Load and select an image, then tap the Trash icon).

I get shadows/halos around my lines, or the 3D effect is not working well, what’s wrong?

Try out the different 3D settings in the 3D and Brush settings menu. Choose the glasses that works the best for you. Also, the brightness of the iPad’s screen can be adjusted to a level which works best for your particular glasses.
When drawing, try to keep your head fairly straight and level to the screen. I’ve also found that big jumps in depth can be disconcerting. Try creating several layers of depth going from near to far, or use the auto depth function in the Brush menu.

I have a great picture I’ve made with DeepSketch, can I show people?

Sure, upload it to the DeepSketch group pool on Flickr!

I want more features and have lots of great ideas for future versions, do you care?

Absolutely! Send me an e-mail at or hook up on Facebook or twitter.

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