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Coming soon: FLAP FLAP

The last three months I’ve spent more or less every spare minute on making my first iPhone game, called Flap Flap. Now it’s almost finished! Just some heavy testing remains and hopefully no serious bugs to fix, and then the game will be shipped to Apple for review.

UPDATE! The game is out! Go to view it in iTunes. Only $0.99!

Flap Flap is an addictive, fun flying game that anyone can play and enjoy. It combines simple, elegant controls with beautiful, bright visuals giving you a fun ride that you’d want to play over and over. How far will you flap?

By flapping your wings you ascend, but at the same time you must catch floating rings to feed your energy meter. And there are monsters everywhere! Luckily you can earn power-ups by matching three coloured rings, giving you extra speed, health or height.

I spent a lot of time on the game engine, making it easy to play but still offering challenges as you progress through the game. The game has five different worlds with hand-painted graphics and weird, crazy monsters. Flap Flap will also offer you challenges with 18 original Achievements that can be earned, and of course you can compete with your friends and the world on the online leaderboards. Flap Flap integrates with Game Center so you can track your progress with the official Apple app. You can also post and boast your highscore on your Facebook wall directly from the game.

The most fun part of making Flap Flap has been creating the visual style, animating Flappie and the monsters, making original game music and making it all fit together. I’m proud to say that the game will run on any iPod touch, iPhone or iPad running iOS 3.0 and up.

A precise launch date has not yet been set, as some testing remains and of course the Apple review process of which I have no control.

You can press “LIKE” on the Facebook box on the top right of this page or follow me on twitter @MachineboyCom and I’ll let you know when the game is out. If you run a game review blog or review games for media please drop me a line and I’ll give you a promo code when the game is out.

Go to to view it in iTunes. Only $0.99!