Duration update

Duration, the visual countdown timer for iPhone, has been updated.

You can now turn on and off the countdown timer digits. If you want a clean countdown without numbers, go ahead! Or maybe you like seeing the minutes and seconds counting down for a more precise timekeeping.

Grab the update from the App store here


Concept art

Playing around with designs and concepts for a game idea. I have a soft spot for pixels. My first computer drawings were programmed from squared paper on a C64. I’ve spent countless hours in Deluxe Paint on the Amiga. These characters were drawn in Sprite Something and Pixen (24x48px), and then imported to ProCreate where I painted the grungy background.

Concept art

DeepSketch 1.6 coming soon!

DeepSketch 1.6 update has been submitted to the App Store! If the Apple quality control sentinels are having a good day, the update will be out pretty soon.

This update features support for the wonderful Jot Touch pressure-sensitive bluetooth stylus! DeepSketch will be one of the first apps that supports this great stylus that is soon to be released.

By applying natural pressure when drawing, you can control the thickness of your lines easily. You also have buttons on the Jot Touch that responds to undo/redo and depth + and – for faster and more streamlined sketching!

1.6 also has a feature that lets you control depth by applying pressure with the stylus. By drawing harder, your lines will go deeper into the screen. Pretty amazing, weird and fun!

The update also includes some small bug fixes and direct link to video tutorial, online help/FAQ and troubleshooting.

The price will still be $2.99. Not bad, methinks!

Duration F.A.Q

Duration is your everyday countdown timer. Clean, elegant and easy to use – down to the second. Time your workout sessions, when boiling an egg, limiting your kid’s time in front of the computer or create a faster game of charades or chess! With a quick glance you instantly see how much time is left, and contrary to Apple’s own timer, Duration can count down in seconds as well as minutes.

How can I change the colors of Duration?

Simply press the little ‘i’ icon in the upper right corner and the Settings flip over. Tap the theme button and select one of the themes you like. Press Done to return to the timer.

How can I change the alarm sound, and can I turn it off?

In the Settings menu (tap the ‘i’ icon), tap Sound and choose a sound of your liking. You can also turn off the sound if you want a silent countdown. Just flip the Sound switch to OFF.

I can’t hear a sound, even if sound is enabled. Why?

Remember to unmute your device and turn up the volume. On some devices without an internal speaker, no alarm sound can be heard. The same goes for vibration.

What’s the longest countdown possible with Duration?

You can set the timer to 59 minutes and 59 seconds, giving you 1 hour max countdown time. If you need longer countdowns you should use the calendar instead.

DeepSketch 1.5 is out!

Another sweet update to DeepSketch has approved by Apple and is now available in the App Store! DeepSketch 1.5 has these tear-inducing enhancements:

– 60 % more undo levels!
– Better eraser with depth control and a brush preview/outline, makes it easier to see what you are erasing.
– Offset drawing: Choose to have your finger on the left or right line, or keep it between the two lines. Perfect for working with smaller details zoomed in. If you close one eye it’s like drawing on a flat surface!
– Stepped Depth Slider buttons: Increase and Decrease depth by 1 for more control!
– Shortcuts to the online gallery, tutorial video and online FAQ.
– Better Depth Preview window – now shows both brush size and depth (and brush size when drawing in 2D)

Bug fix: Undoing eraser actions now work as they should.
Dismissing New Image panel no longer clears the canvas.

Get the update here!